Nursing Education

NURSING EDUCATION is a planned, goal-directed, two-way process guided by the needs of clients, learners, the society and the discipline underpinned by nursing theories, International and CARICOM educational standards.

Nursing Education contributes to the academic, professional, emotional, mental, social, socialization, skill and competency development of the learner in a variety of educational and clinical settings (Hospitals, Schools, College of Nursing and University).

Nursing Education Programmes are directed towards meeting the needs of specific client groups and student populations. Administration of Nursing Education Programmes is guided by stated philosophies, purpose and objectives, theoretical framework, policies and procedures commensurate with the needs of the changing society, sound management theory and the nursing profession. The Programmes are designed for the adult learner who is self-directed, and exposed to a broad-based setting, multi-disciplinary education, preferable in tertiary setting.


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