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National Examinations Council (NEC)

The National Examinations Council (NEC) was established in 1965 to oversee examinations, certification and related activities in respect to technical and vocational education and training at the sub-professional level.

NEC certifies 37 courses at Level I; 30 courses at Level II; 6 courses at Level III, and 2 courses at Pre-technician Level at secondary schools Technical/vocational programmes provide a foundation to the world of work in the respective occupational fields. As such, the programmes are designed with a highly applied, hands-on orientation in order to prepare participants for functioning in the world of work. The emphasis is placed on practical performance. The academic/theoretical/technical knowledge aspects of the courses are intended to facilitate the development of practical competence, in that, they provide the theoretical/technical knowledge and the cognitive skills necessary for efficient performance in the occupational field.

To satisfy the objective of preparation for the occupational field, the programmes of training are structured as full courses consisting of a selected combination of subjects, ranging in number from two for some courses to twelve for others. The great majority of courses comprises of four to seven subjects.

Technical/vocational courses, while purposely designed to prepare participants for the work environment, do succeed, to varying extents, in preparing beneficiaries for further education and training. NEC diplomas and certificates have been accepted both locally and abroad as satisfying entry requirements to various programmes of further study.


A customer-oriented unit of the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training equipped to provide quality measurement, testing and certification services to both private and public sector training institutions.


To satisfy its customers by providing timely and accurate examination and certification services within a rapidly changing and expanding education and training enterprise.


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