The Distance Learning Secretariat is involved in re-engineering and connecting Learning Access and Human Development to support the development of a Lifelong Learning System in Trinidad and Tobago. The Secretariat is responsible for ensuring the development and implementation of strategies related to distance learning namely:

  • Developing standards for Open, Flexible, Distributed and Distance Learning among all Tertiary Level Institutions and other learning providers in the country.
  • Promoting awareness of new and emerging knowledge and learning technologies among stakeholders and the public.
  • Advising government and international agencies on issues related to new and emerging knowledge and learning technologies.
  • Assisting in building and strengthening learning providers to broaden and increase access to learning through technological mediation.
  • Promoting human resource development as well as the professional development of educators in distance learning.
  • Building relationships and developing linkages through collaboration with local, regional & international professional bodies, agencies and institutions involved in distance learning.

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