2013/03/08 - Opening of NESC Debe Campus
2013/02/20 - Opening of the Caribbean Knowledge and Learning Network (CKLN) One-Week Training Workshop of Network Administrators and Engineers

2012/10/30 - Opening Event of The Animae Caribe Festival

2012/07/25 - Launch of the On-Line Institutional Profile Database
2012/04/ 04 - Feature address for ICT Consultation Kick Off
2012/01/ 31 - MSTTE Speech at South Campus Sod-Turning
2011/10/ 20 - The Official Launch Of The COSTAATT Ken Gordon School Of Journalism And Communication Studies
2011/09/22 - Minister Karim, Presentation College Career Day
2011/09/13 - Waterloo Training
2011/09/13 - Minister Karim, Greetings, Energy Chamber Learning Centre
2011/06/30 - Minister Karim, Feature Address, Articulation Agreements
2011/06/30 - Minister Karim, Feature Address, CTLPA Conference
2011/05/20 - Minister Karim, Formal Opening of the Tobago Technology Centre
2011/05/19 - Minister Karim, Awarding of the status of Institutional Accreditation To UWI, UTT and COSTAATT

2011/05/05 - Minister Karim, Launch of the Workforce Assessment Centre at National Energy Skills Centre

2011/06/04 - Minister Karim, Feature Address, at UTT CIIC Launch

2011/03/04 - Minister Karim, Address, University of London Graduation Ceremony

2011/02/04 - Deputy Permanent  Secretary message at UWI Distinguished Alumni Awards


2011/16/03 - Mr. Jackson, Feature_Address, Servol Graduation on behalf of Minister Karim

2011/24/02 - Minister Karim, Feature Address, UWI South Campus Sod Turning

2011/14/02 - Minister Karim, Feature Address, NREN Consultations

2011/12/01 - Minister Karim, Parliamentary statement on the Policy on Tertiary Education, Technical Vocational Education and Training and  Lifelong Learning in Trinidad and Tobago

2010/15/11 - Feature Address at the Stakeholder Consultations on the National Apprenticeship System

2010/22/10 - Feature Address at the Graduation of Rehabilitating Inmates Through Training and Retraining

2010/20/10  -
Developing a National Knowledge and Learning Network (NKLN)

2010/22/09 -
Contribution to the Senate's Debate on the 2010 National Budget

2010/21/09 -
Keynote Address at the Launch of the Caribbean Science Foundation

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