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Tuesday, May 31, 2011
UTT opens new Chaguanas Campus
By TEST @ 10:45 AM :: 3879 Views :: 2011

Since its inception in 2004, the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) has grown progressively from its single Point Lisas campus to nine campuses serving the public all around Trinidad and Tobago. Senator the Honourable Fazal Karim, Minister of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education (MSTTE) noted this in his appraisal of UTT as the ninth campus was officially opened on Tuesday May 24, 2011 in Charlieville.

Minister Karim observed, “The past year alone has seen the arrival of the Caribbean Invention and Innovation Centre (CIIC) within the Design and Manufacturing Lab; the commencement of classes at the Academy of the Performing Arts; the award of institutional accreditation by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT), and now here we are celebrating the inception (expansion) of a Professional Education Unit that promises to provide lifelong learning opportunities to alumni, professionals and organisations.”

The Professional Education Unit’s (PEU) mission is to engage professionals in ongoing engineering, science, arts and technological education opportunities that enhance leadership, practice and innovation. The programmes are delivered by UTT staff and other nationally and internationally recognised industry experts. The Unit supports the development of creative leaders who are equipped to find solutions to complex problems. A PEU education is central to UTT’s vision as it is consistent with the university’s vision of providing lifelong learning opportunities to alumni, individuals, professionals and organisations which impact on professional practice.

The opening of the Chaguanas campus will ensure further accessibility by the public to the University’s programmes. It will serve as the base for UTT’s Professional Education programmes as well as the University’s Capital Projects Unit.

The Minister noted, “It is after all, through ventures such as these, that we are able to simultaneously cater to the needs of our citizens, as well as our industries.” He added, “…we are giving industry professionals that ability to enrol in a selection of over 150 short courses at the pre-technician, technician and professional levels, facilitating the expansion of their knowledge in their designated field. From Music and Dance to Alternative Energy and Liquefied Natural Gas, persons within these markets are now able to obtain Professional Development Units (PDUs) – a fitting reward for their unrelenting pursuit of knowledge.”

Minister Karim emphasized the importance of the PEU noting, “As human resource output at the tertiary level remains a major contributor to economic growth and sustainable development, the significance of this Unit must be underscored. While this Government strives to expand tertiary education participation to 60% and nurture a culture of dynamism, innovation and entrepreneurship, the advent of the PEU allows us to harness the capacities of a market that is seeking the requisite guidance and tools to establish themselves as leaders and innovators in their industry.”


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